Speciality and Competence:

Area of Speciality: Philosophy of Psychiatry, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Medicine, Metaphysics, Epistemology, History of Autism

Area of Competence: Bioethics, Medical Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Disability Studies, Kant, History of Psychiatry

Teaching Experience:

Philosophy of Science, 2nd year

Philosophy of Medicine, 3rd year

Philosophy of Mental Disorder, Masters

Philosophy of Mind, 2nd year

Health and Disease, Concepts and Policy, 2nd year

Applied Philosophy, 3rd year

Applied Ethics, 1st year

Health, Culture and Society, 2nd year Medical Students

Special Studies Module 2, 2nd year Medical Students

Session on autism, Clinical Psychology PhD students

Dissertation, 3rd Year and Masters

Introduction to Knowledge and Reality, 1st year (seminar tutor)

Moral and Political Philosophy, 1st year (seminar tutor)

What is Philosophy? Methods, Aims, Debates (single session)

Metaphysics, 2nd Year (double marking)

Darwin and Philosophy, 3rd Year (double marking)